Our Projects:
          SAARC established MONITOR'S STUDY CIRCLE as a Non-Profit International Organisation which is a pool of highly talented and experienced Academicians, Educationists, Scientists, Economists, Bureaucrats, Industrialists, Agriculturists, Health-Workers, which has the patronage of Former Prime Minister Shri Chandrashekharji and the guidance of Eminent Bio-Tech Scientists of USA, South America & India. Its vision is to achieve significant contribution towards a Healthy, Developed and Empowered India by 2020. Human Resource being the primary Wealth of Mankind, we have resolved to launch an informative and resourceful Website of Retired individuals from the fields of Academics, Industries, Research and Development Organisations supported by R.A.D (Retired Academician's Data). MSC in a short span of 5 years, has undertaken 4 university projects, 7 colleges and 10 schools besides establishing associations with leading global Institutions that include London Business School, UGC India, National University of Ireland, European Union, Delegation of the European Commission, Quadrant Corporation, George Town, Guyana and Confederation of Indian Industries among others. MSC recently tied up with US based organization to launch a university in Biotechnology education in Raipur, Chattisgarh called CIUBL, British Guyana in the West Indies is negotiating a tie-up with MSC through QUADRANT CORPORATION, GEORGE TOWN GUYANA to establish a Medical and Dental college in Guyana.
Edusat-Aided Knowledge Village:
     MSC has launched a major educational initiative with its proposed Project 'KNOWLEDGE VILLAGE' near Nagpur, which conceptualizes a single campus to meet the needs of the Educationist's community on a village-pattern.The campus will consist of various Colleges and Institutions providing studies and
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