Our Vision:
   Bharat Ratna Maharshi Karves Vision of

"An enlightened Women is a Source of Infinite Strength"
Our Inspiration:   SAARC Multipurpose Society was formed in 1993 at Nagpur by Brother, Grand Master Dr. Raj Vakil Siddiqui along with Like-minded Friends & Associates from the professions of Doctors / Educationists, Social-Workers and Scientists. The society promotes enlightenment through quality and need based education in Central India and the south-Asian Sector of the Globe. It has coordinated its efforts and resources to establish Schools, Colleges, Universities and an Engineering College. The Societies' Mission is to make quality the defining elements of higher education in SAARC Countries through a combination of Self and External, Quality Education, Promotion and Sustenance initiatives. The present thrust-area of the Society is promoting education for girls, Water-related Projects using G. I. S. technology, Poverty Alleviation through Management of Sustainable Natural Resources, and Distance Learning Education program for Empowerment and Development. We also promise IAS/MPSC/Public Service Examination, coaching and guidance for girls. Global Sharing of Human Resource, was found as the need base of Empowerment, through EDUCATION to DREAM AND ACHIEVE.
MISSION : Empowerment of Women through Education
• Access to higher Education through format and Non- Format Streams.
• Wide Ranges of professional and Vocational courses.
• Research in emerging Areas with Specific Focus on Women.
• Holistic Growth and Development of Women.
• Excellence in Academic Disciplines.
• "Quality in Every Activity".
     We pledge to develop the minds of students as free as Ocean, Imagination as limitless as the sky, Heart as wild as the wind, and spirit as unshakeable as the earth.




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